Week 4

This week has been both challenging and rewarding. My challenge is to throw and assemble 10 chalices, or goblets if you like. I’ve only managed 3 thus far, however they are yet to be assembled. I’ve decided to postpone making more until after I’ve assembled these 3, as I’m sure I will fuck something up and learn from such mistakes. The rewarding part of week 4, apart from Brian’s amazing and stimulating instruction, stems from the joy I’m given by making gifts for my friends. One is for the mother of my childhood friend. She reached out to me wanting a yarn bowl. She told me she could buy one from a local craft shop, but, after seeing my work, insisted that she wanted one from me. Also, I’m proud to have made gifts for my friends departing for their home countries in the very near future. 2 of which are forms I’m familiar with, bowl and mug. The third is a form I’ve never attempted which is a mate. As in, Yerba mate. A very small vessel for drinking intermittent amounts of Yerba is a very challenging form for gorilla hands. I’d like to believe that I managed well. I’ll report their reactions next week.


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